Aspen Pure Life was created out of a love for the life that we have created in Aspen. It is a way to share the things we love about living in Aspen, and the ways in which we are working to ensure that Aspen continues to provide a Pure life for all who seek it.

I’d like to introduce myself, and my husband and partner to you.   We are the Marions, Angela and Brandon.  We moved to Aspen in 2000 after falling in love with it during a visit.  We are completely addicted to the small town, the mountains, the blue skies, the sun, the fresh air, the snow, the skiing, the flowers, the summer, the people, the art, the food…really the list goes on and on!

And we are committed to keeping Aspen pure!  We hope to leave it better than we found it with our energy and campaigns.

We also have a new addition to our home, our Ragdoll cat named Mush!!  He is a blast, and is a “dog-cat”!  We love dogs, but since we spend off-seasons in Florida, we went with a cat – that acts like a dog!  We love him.

We love Aspen!  And we hope you enjoy, and maybe even learn something from our site.

Here we are:


Much Love,

Angela, Brandon and Mush